Monday, May 31, 2010

Inspiring Quotes

You don't Face your Fears, You should Stand Up to Them

The Future belongs to those who believe in the Beauty of Their Dreams

The Man who has no imagination has no wings to fly high

We cannot control the directions of the wind, but maybe we can adjust our sails

One man can be a crucial ingredient on a Team, but one Man cannot make a Team

When you bring a single light of Peace, It will brighten up wherever you go

Friends are angels who lift us to our feet when our wings have trouble remembering how to fly

The most Important thing about Motivation is Goal Setting. You should always have a Goal

To be Successful, you need to develop the hunger for it

Teamwork is the catalysts that yields excellence from shared thoughts

Vision is the art of seeing things invisible

Anger is a wind which blows out the lamp of the mind

While we may not be able to control all that happens to us, we can control what happens inside us

You should not comply something due to fear, You should believe & trust what you are doing is right

If only everything in life is as precious as you!

You make each working day exciting

The different colors of your personality makes this world an exciting place to be in


Sunday, May 30, 2010

8 Secrets of Better Decision Making for Success

Our minds are always into thinking about it – Decisions and more Decisions to make. Our everyday life’s are full of it, small mundane ones to large life-changing types. To have the right to choose and make decisions are important to our well-being, and is central to us being an Individual. However, sometimes we just make decisions so bad that make us very unhappy or live with lifelong regrets.

Over the few decades, scientists, neurologists and psychologists are looking into the possible mental processes and signals that may affect our decision makings. Here i distilled some of the findings and will share with you 8 simple ways to make better decisions towards your success.

A) Danger of Social Pressure

Everyone of us would like to think of our-self as a single-minded individual and have a clear say of what we want, but in fact no one is immune to Social Pressure. Many studies have shown that human succumb to social pressure especially at extreme conditions.

We do have ways to avoid the the danger of Social Pressure. At anytime that you suspect that your decisions are based on what your superior or senior wanted, step back and re-group your thoughts. When you are in a group and everyone agree on a certain thing, don’t assume they are right and go along. Step back and ask yourself if this is true, and if not – be the one to oppose and share with them your thoughts and reasoning. Beware of situations when you have little responsibilities because that is where you are most likely to make irresponsible decisions and feedback.

B) Do Not Fear Consequences

Every decision that we are making usually involves predicting the future, be it choosing who to date and marry, changing of jobs or what course to study. We normally try to imagine how our choices will make us feel, and we usually go for the option we think will make us the happiest. The problem is that we aren’t that good in this type of affectionate forecasting.

We have too often overestimate the impact of our decision outcomes, both good and bad. In fact the outcomes of most events are less intense and briefer than most people thought. A major factor is due to Lost Aversion, where we feel that A Loss will hurt more than A Gain will make us happy.

Our solution? Instead of imagining how a outcome can make us feel, we should try to find someone who has made the same choice before and see how they felt. Is is important to understand that whatever the future holds, it will probably hurt or please you less than you have imagined.

C) Go with Gut-Feeling

Sometimes an instinctive and instantaneous choice might be as good as a decision that requires much time to conjure. One article reported that we make judgements about a person’s competence, aggressiveness and trustworthiness within the 100 milliseconds of seeing a new face. Given a longer time to look (up to 1 -2 second), researchers found that observers hardly revised their views, but only become more confident in their snapshots decisions. Something you are familiar isn’t it?

Some would argue that extra information can help you to make rational decisions. Yet many times, the more information you have, the better off you may be going with instincts. Practice with cautious and experience perhaps.

D) Emotions Consideration

We all think that emotions are the enemy of decision making, but in fact they are integral to it. Neurologist’s studies show that whenever we make a decisions, the brain’s emotional centre is active. Our brain stores emotional memories of past choices, which we use to inform present decisions. This is detrimental as making choices under the influence of an emotion can seriously affect the outcome of it.

Personal experience shows that when we are angry or nervous, we are more prone to accepting the first thing that we are being offered rather than consider other options that are available. Anger and nervousness seems to make us risk-prone and impetuous. All emotions affect our thinking and motivation, so it may be best to avoid making decisions under such circumstances.

Sadness on the other hand, surprisingly, seems to help us make better decisions. When we are sad, we seems to take time to consider the various options on offer, and ended up making better decisions. There are reports that indicated depressed people have the most realistic take on this world.

E) Understand that Irrelevant Figures affect our brain

Our decisions are easily attached to irrelevant facts and figures that we come across. Every-time when we see something that marked “reduced price”, “end-of-year sale”, “moving-out sale” in a shop, we lost our senses for making decisions. The original price serves as an anchor against which we compare the discounted price and we make it look like a great bargain even if in absolute terms it’s expensive. This is very difficult to break. One way is to resist the temptation and spend sometime looking around for similar products or services.

F) Looking from the other angle

We prefer options that seems to offer some gains and detest those that seems to involve losses. This is a common weakness in us that marketing dept of products and service tend to exploit. We would rather a product that indicate “80% fat free” than another that shows “20% fat”.

It is tough to ignore such effects but it is important to at least know that such biases is around. Better education and experience will come in to negate this effect. But for now – we can avoid it by looking at other angle.

G) Be Adaptable and Flexible

All the success coach and motivation guru always tells us to have perseverance and be strong to drive the project or ideas through. This is not wrong, but i believe they did not mention that we should persevere but be open, adaptable and flexible at all times. We need to be realistic.

The notion is that the more we invest in something, the more commitment we feel towards it. The investment need not be in financial form. Who has not persevered with a tedious thick book, and yet find it not interesting at all? Does this scenario sounds familiar to you? Always remind yourself that the past is the past. It is alright to move on, as there might be better things ahead of it, compared to the current settings. If at the time of considering whether to end a book or a project, that you wouldn’t initiate now if given a choice, then it’s probably not a good idea to continue. Scrape it and start something new and refreshing.

G) Limit Your Options

We might think more choice is better. But consider this – Let say you are trying to get a packet of crackers for you son. Would you be happier to choose from a selection of 10 or a selection of 30? This is commonly known as the paradox of Choice. In fact more choices is not always good. Sometimes, less choice is better.

More choices requires more information processing skills and the process can be time-consuming and confusing. Greater choice also increases the chances of making mistakes, so we will easily feel less satisfied due to the fear that we have chosen a wrong option and missed a better opportunity.

This paradox of Choice is worst for people that examine all options before making up their minds. They spend whole lots of time and energy trying to find the Best Solution. Those people that tend to choose the first option that meets their requirements suffer least. If we are out to find a ‘good enough’ answer, a lot of the pressure’s off and task of choosing something in the avalanche of choices becomes manageable. Thus, instead of searching for your ideal Hand-phone, ask a friend if he’s happy with his. If he is, it will probably work for you too. Even in situations when a choice seems far too important to simply choose it, try to limit the number of options.

H) Avoid Procrastination

For cases where time permit us to slowly come up with the decisions, it might be detrimental if we do not keep it in check. By being complacent and only visiting on surface the problem is not good for us. We should avoid procrastination and think and of the possible options that we have and jot it down. In this case, we have a certain “number of options” in our list and can easily filter out one at a time as each day passes. This ensures that our mind is clear of our actions.

Hope this information will help you to make better decisions in order to be successful in your own ways. For me, i have a couple of decision to make for my career and i will be employing the eight ways that i have mentioned.

To your Success,


“People may doubt what you say, but they will believe what you do.” – Lewis Cass

Friday, May 28, 2010

The Secret To Happiness & Success

What is your take on the true secret to happiness and thus success? To me, i strongly believe it is ATTITUDE! If you think that being wealthy, popular, handsome or rich will make you happy, think again.

Happiness if a matter of the heart and has little to do with external events on matters. It is about how you see things, not what happens, that makes the difference. The most well-adjusted people are those who choose to look at the brighter side of life.

So, instead of dwelling on negative thoughts, they count their blessings each day, at every moments. They understand that gratitude is integral part of happiness and we need to acknowledge it personally. These "happy" people generally develop positive speech habits and learn to speak out blessings, not curses and complaints. This tells us one important thing - How we say things makes a huge difference in how we perceive them.
Attitude(Pix by One/Million)

Happy people do not look for worth in material things. Those that are always going for the material things are not that happy after all, as they are sometimes afraid of loosing the wealth that they have currently. Those that have millions but are driven to develope themselves and their business will be much happier and eventually be more successful. They understand that material things alone will never fill that empty void that life sometimes brings. As such, to be really happy and be successful people, we need to find peace and purpose in a strong faith.

Inspiring Movies – Peaceful Warrior

Arrogant, talented Dan Millman seems to have the perfect college life: a stunning gymnast's body of incredible strength, handsome looks, good grades, plenty of money and a shot at the Olympic qualifiers in men's gymnastics. Still, Dan wakes up almost nightly from terrifying nightmares and odd visions he can't explain or dismiss.

One night, awakened by yet another nightmare, Dan goes for a run through his foggy neighborhood and comes upon a well-lit service station. Behind the counter, an old man seemingly moves without regard for space or time. One moment, Dan is paying for his snacks, the next the old man is on the roof of the station. Stunned by the impossibility, Dan begs the old man, whom he instinctually names Socrates, to share the secret of his abilities in order to achieve his goal of Olympic Gold. The old man puts him through a regimen that changes his diet, training, and lifestyle. Before long, his life is ruined, and he loses his friends, his girls, and is almost thrown off his Gymnastics squad. Thus begins

Monday, May 24, 2010

Inspiring Movies - Gridiron Gang

This is a gritty and inspirational movie based on a true story of a group of teenage delinquents given a second chance to redeem themselves by playing football. Sean Porter (Johnson) is a frustrated juvenile probation officer. Most of the kids in his detention camp are either sent back to prison once they leave or meet a violent end when they return to the streets. Desperately looking for a way to make a difference, he and his co-worker Malcolm Moore devise a plan to teach discipline and responsibility through the game of football. But with only four weeks before the start of the season, Porter must overcome insurmountable odds to put together a competitive team. It's a season that will test their minds, spirit, and bodies as Porter teaches his players the principles of good character, strength through resiliency, and genuine respect for one another.

Certainly a good movie for the many juvenilles these days that wonder around the streets and hope to inspire them to pursue something in their life with a Greater Purpose.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Success is being True to Yourself

In one’s pursuit of success in life, there are many paths to attain it. To me personally, success is being able to be true to yourself. It really doesn’t matter what others say, be they your friends or business associates. At the end of the day, you ought to live your life the way you want to.

Most unenlightened people will light success to lots of money. I think there are many angles from which to look at this. My personal phliosphy to success is to be upright and honest person because if you are not, the all the millions in your bank means nothing. The values of integrity, honesty, responsibility, disciplines, determination and hard work should be inculcated at young age. These values will certainly carry you through everyhing to lead a truly successful life.

In this way, we can savoured life to the fullest, as we seek our own meaning of Success in our life.

Friday, May 21, 2010

5 Simple Ways to Organize Each Day

As a person seeking a more Successful and Fulfilling Life, your time is precious. While the choice is yours in how to spend your day, the best way to utilize your resources and maximise your time is to organize it. We should start each day in an organized way, and you’ll get more done than you can imagine.

Below are 5 simple ways for achieving an organized day:

1) Make a To-Do List:

Make a list the night before of the things you have to do tomorrow. Prioritize every item in the sequence it should be accomplished, with the outmost priority to be placed on top and the rest in a descending manner. Consolidate similar tasks. When you wake up in the morning, you will have a clear-cut guide for everything that must be done.

2) Be Wary of Getting Diverted:

Very often we are distracted by other external factors and our schedule that we have set earlier gets thrown off track. If you find that you constantly get off track, we can set a timer that goes off every 30 minutes. Every time it sounds, be sure you are working on what you originally planned. If you’re not, stop what you are doing at that moment and get back to schedule. Most distractions are not emergency situations.

3) Strike Off Items As You Complete Them:

Every time you finish something, strike it off your To-Do List. This will certainly give you a sense of accomplishment throughout the day.

4) Call Before You Move:

If you have an appointment during the day, always try to confirm before you leave your office or home. This will ensure that the person you’re meeting did not forget about the appointment. And if you client has something to finish up and need to meet you slightly later, perhaps you can do something else first, before you leave to meet them.

5) Do A Final Check:

At the end of the day, take a look at your To-Do List. How many items were you able to accomplish? Are there only one or two things left unfinished, or are there many yet to be striked off the list? If there were just a few undone, simply move them to tomorrow’s To-Do List. If there were many undone and unstriked, and you work diligently on everything all day, then you probably had too many things on your list to begin with. Re-think how much you can possibly do in a given day. Remember, we have only 24 hours, and we should be using one third of those hours to sleep and rest our system.

The above ways have been my key towards a more efficient and effective lifestyle.

Hope you will find the 5 simple ways as useful as i find it.

One Who Conquers OneSelf,