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Backpacking Holidays in Perth, Western Australia - Part 2

This post will be the second one (i.e. Part 2) of my Backpacking Holiday trip to Perth, Western Australia. You can check out Part 1 HERE. This series will serve as a mini-travelogue for people that are searching for information on Perth Backpacking and Free-&-Easy Holidays.

From today, we will start to discuss on the 8 days i spent my time in Perth holidaying. Hope this serves as a possible itinerary for your planning.

Day 1: Reach Perth + Perth City Self-Tour + Fremantle

From Singapore Airport, we took Jetstar Asia budget airline and reached Perth International Airport on Friday morning, 13th November 2009 at about 3am in the morning. We took a nap in the airport before we took the airport city shuttle at about 7.45am to Perth City where our backpackers hostel is located.

Reached Perth International Airport

The trip was fast and we reached Globe Backpackers Hostel with a pleasant surprise - the hostel has a very good geographic location in Wellington Street. We were greeted and received at the check-in counter by one of their permanent staff, Trish, which starts our 1st day in Perth. She is so helpful and friendly - told us to check with her on anything to make our stay in Perth an enjoyable one. Since we can only check in at about 10am, we left our backpacks in the Baggage Room and proceed to our quick Perth City foot tour which is around our hostel.

At about noon time, we proceed to take the train to Fremantle - the port city of Perth, with the aim of visiting Western Australia Maritime Museum and sampling seafood at the Fishing Boat Harbour.
Western Australia Maritime Museum in Fremantle

Fremantle is a beautiful place and was packed with lots of locals as well as tourists on a friday afternoon. We went to Cicerello - known for as "Western Australia's No. 1 Fish & Chips" and ordered two set meals: Famous Fish-&-Chips as well as their Seafood Basket. We were glad we were there. The fish and the seafood basket is awesome and their fries are damn tasty! I would vote for them to be World's No.1 Fish-&-Chips!!!

Best Fish-&-Chips in the World! Oh my, the fries is damn good also!

We then proceed to the reknown Fremantle Markets which is opened only from Fri-Sun.

Fremantle Markets - reknown market in Perth

It is a pleasure to walk through the market and looking at the products offered by each stall owners. We did not pick up any items or gifts since we felt nothing was really special and items are over-priced (obviously since this is a tourist attractions). We did stop by a Pastry-serving cafe (one and only) for some servings. The food was great! Recommended!

Lovely pastries in the Pastry-Cafe in Fremantle Markets

We then proceed to the Fremantle Coastline to enjoy the sea breeze. Lovely scenery!

Sean posing at coastline of Fremantle

With that, we took a trip back to Perth City where we checked into our room and was shocked by the condition of it! It was way too good for that price! I have never stayed in a hostel that is so clean and comfortable. I knew i was going to enjoy my time in Perth. The savings we had for the hostel (instead of extravagant posh hotel) is going to be used for food and other entertainment/activities!

After a quick shower, we proceed out to check out the night life and scene in Perth City. It seemed like they prefer home-based activities in Perth. Most of the shops are closed by 7.30pm, including shopping centres and shops. The only ones still open are Fast-Food Restaurants such as McDonald's and Hungry Jacks (Burger King) as well as Kebab and Pizza serving shops. Most of the people on streets are tourists and young adults / teenagers.

More activities (Pubs and life-bands) can be found at Northbridge Area where queues to enter entertainment premises can be seen. In general, it felt safe for tourists. We did not really see any commotions, except one black sheep - a small group of youngsters taunting each other for fights. Do note that this particular scene is not common.

So Day 1 ended with us walking back to our hostel safely and feeling excited about Day 2.

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