Monday, July 16, 2007

Long-Haul Trips' Health Tips

I like to travel for long distance trip once every year and i thought the following will be impt for long-trip travellers to know -

Blood Clots on Long-Haul Trips:

The chances of developing deep vien hrombosis double after travelling for four hours or more, according to the WHO.

Tall people whoose legs are jammed in economy class and the very short whose feet do not touch the ground are particularly vulnerable to potentially dangerous blodd clost linked to immobility during travelling.

The obesem woman on birth control pills and those with blood clotting disorders are also more susceptible, as are the frequent travellers and those who take very long journeys.

About two billion people travel by air each year and many more take overland trips where they sit still for prolonged periods.

Reduction of Occurence:

To reduce the chance of developing blood clots, WHO said travellers should excercise their calf muscles with up-and-down movements of the feet and ankle joints, and leave their seats or a few minutes when possible.

WHO also cautioned air passengers from taking too much sleeping pills or drinking too much alcohol. People should also avoid wearing tight clothing that can constrain circulation.

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