Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Seven "New" Wonders Of The World - Announced

For all travel lovers, YES! The controversial Seven "New" Wonders of The World has been unveiled. And the announcement was chosen to be on 07/07/07 at a celebrity-studded televised ceremony in the Portuguese capital.

The event was broadcasted in more than 170 countries to abt 1.6billion viewers. A private Swiss foundation launched this contest in Jan 2007, with 21 shortlisted sites put to vote.Seven "New" Wonders of The World are selecetd by nearly 100 miliion voters online and over the telephone, and upsetting cultural experts and lovers.

However, the cultural body from United Nations, Unesco, taht designates world heritage sites, declined to support the event. Among the sites that did not make the final sevem are: Cambodia's known Angkor Wat, Paris' Eiffel Tower, Britain;s Stonehenge and the Staues on Easter Island.

Here it is: Seven "New" Wonders of The World:

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