Sunday, September 2, 2007

More Nice Jokes - Unwind yourself and Enjoy

WIFE: It's a miracle! You came home early.
HUSBAND: I just obeyed what my boss told me to do. He said: "GO TO
that's why I came home early.

1st night grandma wore a see-thru dress, grandpa didn't react...
2nd night grandma wore t-back, grandpa still didn't react...
3rd night grandma all naked, grandpa said "what is that you are wearing,
it's all crumpled!!"

John: it's my wife's birthday
Peter: what's your gift to her?
John: i asked her what she wanted
Peter: what did she said?
J: anything, as long a there is a DIAMOND.
P: what did you gave her?
J: playing cards
Teacher: We are descendants of Adam and Eve!
Student: That's not t rue! My dad sez we are descendants of an Ape!
Teacher: We are not talking about your FAMILY! <

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