Monday, November 12, 2007

Inspirational Songs - CAKE I Will Survive

Hey Planet,

Have been looking for this video for a while. Great song by All Time Great CAKE. There are many renditions and versions by others, but i thought this one by CAKE is damn cool and inspiring. Encouraging and Simply give me the: "Hang on Bro, You Can Survive"!! kind of motivation.

Heard this rendition of the song when i was in army days, where a buddy of mind was jilted by his gf of 6 years. Think this song, plus of course my company - have really get him to get over the girl and i last heard he is a bodybuilder in Australia for last few years. Truly a great song of enormous attitude!

Been looking around to find more of such Inspirational Songs, that can touch heart and help people in this world to stay stronger and be happier. Stay Cheerful!


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