Monday, November 12, 2007

Inspirational Songs - R Kelly I Believe I Can Fly

Have been searching for song title: I Believe I Can Fly, to add into the Inspirational Songs Label and i was so lucky to find out two versions of it. Both equally inspiring!

First must be this one that paid tribute to the Great Number 23 of Chicago Bulls - Micheal "The Air" Jordan. With the song and the video, it just show me one thing - Nothing is Impossible. Jordan has been dancing and Flying in his stage, the basketball court. Go check it out! He is literally FLYING his way to success. Who say basketball players can "fly" to win the game. Jordan just showed us how...

How? Nice isnt it? Truly Inspiring.
Now, let's check out the other version. This is by Bianca Ryan, the 10years old girl that won the America Got Talent show. She had a passion and a dream - That is to become a performer, like that teenage performer that she sees from Hollywood and Disneyland. Here, with her passion and burning desire - you see for yourself a girl that achieve hee first step towards her success!

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