Sunday, April 27, 2008

Adidas Woman's Run

You must be wondering what am i doing with the Adidas Woman's Run isn't it? For a big men like this posting on a woman's run.

First of all, i received an email attachment (the one on the left) from Adidas about this Woman's run. I am still wondering why they have sent this to me? I did not purchased any woman's apparel from adidas before, to my knowledge and anything that i can recall.

Anyhow, i decided to do a blog post on it so that local female runners can participate in this woman's monthly run. This is so cool isn't it? Having a group of like-minded people to jog around together at Labrador Park and have a cuppa of coffee after the run..Ooppss. maybe not coffee for them, perhaps orange juice and yoghurt. I have jogged around Labrador Park before and the views there are awesome!

This run seems catered to all levels of runners - from a shorter 2km route to 10km jog. Marshallers are also provided. Cool man! Opps..I mean Cool Girl!

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