Tuesday, April 29, 2008

National Achiever Congress (NAC) 2008 Day 1

Just came back from DAY 1 of the NAC event held in Singapore Expo.

It is an awesome day with great speakers sharing their thoughts on being successful.

The day started with Blair Slinger, the Sales Guru & Advisor to RICH DAD, POOR DAD, sharing with us how to do the Elevator Speech, be a better Presenter in front of your Clients, Boss or Partner. I purchsed two books from him at seminar price and eager to read about it.
Besides Blair Slinger, we also have Roger Hamilton and Steve Linder (trainer for Anthony Robbins Group).

You see some pictures that i managed to take while sneaking around...yeah.."sneaking around" since it is always not nice to take pictures while attending a seminar without them knowing about it.

Share with you more when i come back tomorrow when i finish the whole event. Stay Tuned!
If you want to know more details about the stuff that i learned from each of the World Class Speakers, please visit my Success Secrets website @ http://www.getstartedwithsuccess.com/.

Oh yar, i have also purchased 2 BestSeller books from Blair Singer on Sales & Building A Successful Sales Team respectively. So excited to read them now!

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