Saturday, February 2, 2008

Diabled Spy Satellite Flying Towards You?

Picture by bentlightnvegas
United States government officials has mentioned that a large American spy satellite has lost power and could hit the earth in late February or early March. The satellite, which can no longer be controlled, could contains hazardous materials such as Hydrazine (a toxic chemical which is colorless and having a ammonia-like smell)which can cause harm to anyone that comes into contact with, and it is unknown where it is now in the orbit and when it will come down to earth. This is considered Secret and thus no names have been mentioned.

It was not clear how long ago the satellite lost power, or under what circumstances. Many insiders and defence experts believed that the satellite probably died as long as a year ago and is about to re-enter the atmosphere. We are perhaps talking about the size of a bus (and weighing 9,000kg) that might fall on you anytime soon.

Officials have confirmed that appropriate government agencies are monitoring the situation but would not comment on whether it was possible for the satellite to be shot down. A senior person has also commented that other countries are also being kept aware of this matter.

I just hope it wont land into anyone. Pray hard it go into ocean, such as in 1979 where an unconrolled spacecraft that fell from orbit and its debris dropped harmlessly into the Indian Ocean and a remote section of western Australia.

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