Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Fulfill My Dreams

Life is short and unpredictable. At the end of the day we all die. I have relatives that passed away due to old age, i also have friends that had passed away due to accidents. For me, i want to leave behind something and be remembered by the people i've been able to help and inspire. I think we must always try to make the difference, to have integrity and to be fair to others.

(Image by The Visions of Kai)

The worst thing is to be a Mediocre like bootlickers and apple-polishers. I just wondered how these group of people came about. Do they really lack that specific skills in their line of work, or is it that time/enviroment mould them into one of such Mediocre nature. Till these days, i still continue to ask myself and observing them.

During my time as a Sales Person ( i was given title Account Manager, but never felt so before) for a MNC, i had the chance to meet lots of business and management personnel, and my business acumen sharpened from those contacts. And for those scientists/researchers - i welcome their dedication and focus towards getting new methods/inventions. It was always a pleasure listening to their theorectical "songs"..

One thing i know is that to be a successful managers/leaders, you must employed subordinates that are better than you. But my dear managers out there - Never belittle your staff, they think too, and they might have ideas that you never thought of before!

There is a friend that said Singaporeans have a lot of unfulfilled dreams. They get stuck in the paper chase and don't do what they want. Eventually, they live through their children, forcing them to take heaps of activities. I don't wish that for myself.

Now, i am taking my leap of faith and going to do what i like and fulfill my dreams to help more and more people. By the way, my dreams is to leave behind a legacy and perhaps a Foundation that can help poor students to get good proper education.

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