Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Secret Visualization Tool

By now, many of you would have read the book titled "The Secret". Many of you would have also watched "The Secret Video" either from a paid video or from the various youtube videos.

The decision of leaving my current employment was not possible if i have not watched and remembered the tools and mindsets taught by "The Secret". Of the many tools mentioned, the strongest one that is embedded in my mind is "The Secrets Visualization Tools".

We need to be able to visualize what we want, and what we can acheive in our future.
Without that visualization, we will not have that goal (but only dreams), and without the goals, we will not be able to derive the steps to acheive that goal that we set.

For myself, through visualization, i can see what i am going to achieve in the very near future. Many may have doubted me, but i know that i am going to proof them very wrong and ask them to take back their words.

As a friend, i strongly encourage you to read or watch The Secret, especially the part on "The Secret Visualization", as shown be Youtube video below:

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