Tuesday, December 25, 2007

LionCityMarathon coming to Spore June 2008

Halo friends in Singapore & Malaysia,

I was surfing the net for running events and found out about the Inaugural Lion City Marathon 2008. This sporting event will happened on Sun, 29 June 2008. This is actually not just a running event, but am intriguing sporting event catering to all ages and all abilities.

I will personally be participating in the 21km run for this event with some friends.
If there is anyone interested to join, do let me know so that perharps we can trian together in the west area of singapore before the run. If not, perharps so hi to each other during the event, and make some new friends.

Event Information

Sunday, 29 June 2008

No qualifying times required. Everyone is welcome!

Race Categories
Open to all runners, in-line skaters and athletes with disabilities of all ages

50km Ultra Marathon
Full Marathon: 42.195 km
Half Marathon: 21.1 km
2km/5km/10km RunTeam (6-8 participants)
Kids Marathon (below age of 13 years old): 1 km which is run on Marathon Day ASEAN YOUTH*

*To promote an exchange of youths among ASEAN. Promising youths from ASEAN will be given travel and accommodation awards to come to Singapore for the Lion City Marathon and vice versa for Singapore youth.



ardy said...

Hey, I'm planning to go for the half marathon too!

Do I smell free accomodation (and coffee)?

Heheheheh! ;)

Sean Chua said...

Hey Hey,

Why not? If you are really coming, i will sure find a place for you to sleep. No wory. Maybe, i check out the bus stop near my house and see if anyone has occupied the space...

Coffee sure on me...

Sean =)

ardy said...

Bus stop!? Is that the best you can offer? ;)

Oh well, make sure it does come with a hard cardbox, I don't want to sleep on the groud, hahah!

Sean Chua said...

i will pass you a blanket. No worry about that. =)

Happy New Year and best wishes to all!

Ariesman76 said...


If you are really interested in coming for the run, don't worry, Sean provide accommodation. I provide transport. If I still keep my bike by then, I can go up to KL and pillion you down. Riding to KL only takes about 3 and 1/2 hours. From KL to S'pore, also about that timing... hahaha...

ardy said...


Thanks bro! I've never been on a bike that long before though, heheh!