Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Movie watched - I Am Legend

Hi Universe,

On X'Mas eve, i managed to get a ticket to watched the sneak preview of the much anticpated I AM LEGEND by Will Smith. However, it ended with much disappointment for me after the show. It did not create that kind of WOW effect on me for this so-called block-buster for the end from Hollywood.

The show just seems to be too short for a block-buster. Besides that i thot the plot of the show is too simple w/o much substance. The ending was also too abrupt to have any long lasting effect on audience.

Here is the trailer of the movie - and it seems most of the interesting actions and scence of the movie are shown in the trailer and not much more.

However, i must said that Will Smith is indeed a great actor. He was able to bring out the Desperation, Courage and his Passion & Drive in this movie. Well Done Will!


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