Friday, December 28, 2007

Pyramid to have Copyrights


I was reading through today local papers and came across an article that i find it so amusing. Decided that i must share with you 1st hand.

Egypt is planning to pass a law that would allow them to collect royalty payments from anyone found making copies of the country's ancient monuments or museum pieces, including the pyramids. According to reports, Egypt wanted to own the copyright to its historic monuments and would use any money raised to pay for the upkeep of its most prestigious tourists sites.

It seems that the law had been agreed by a ministerial committee and would go before the Parliament, where it was expected to be passed easily. It would then apply anywhere in the world. Nothing was mentioned on how Cairo (Egypt's provincial capital) would begin the fraught task of tackling any infringements of copyrights.

The law will apply to fullscale, precise copies of any musuem objects or "commercial us" of ancient monumnents, including the pyramids or the sphinx. They have commented that it will aplly even it is for private use, they would need permission from the Egypt government.

This law would not prevent artists from drawing images of the monuments or historic sites, as long as the images were not exact copies. Gosh, it seems that we may have to pay in future when we wanna take a picture of the Pyramids. How will this going to benefit the tourism industry of Egypt and its economy, i ponder.

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