Sunday, December 23, 2007

You Dont Exist, Facebook tells a British MP

Hi my friends,

I was reading through our local newspapers and happen to find out this article that is so funny that i wish to share it with you. It is adapted from the TODAY papers dtd 21st Dec 07 and under The Quirky World News.

A British MP has had his Facebook account suspended after the site decided he was not real and accused him of impersonating himself, as reported by Reuters. When Mr Steve Webb, a member of the Liberal Democrat Party, tried to log on to the site, he was told that his account had been disabled following complaints that he did not really exist.

The news was particularly disconcerting to the 42-yr-old politician as not only has he been MP for 10 years but he is also one of the keenest promoters of online networking, using it to keep in touch with constitutuents.

A few hours after his friends set up a Facebook group called "Steve Webb is real", he received an apology from the site and his profile was reactivated. "You realsie the power these organizations really have," he said. "It's actually hard for a genuine person to prove they exist." Seems like online networking is up and rising but these big companies that provide such service would need to spend more efforts to make sure this type of things wont happened again.


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