Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Apple with Thinnest Laptop - The Macbook Air

APPLE'S chief execuive Steve Jobs have stole the limelight away again.
Last Tuesday at the Macworld Expo, he strode onstage holding a brown envelope typically used for internal-office mail. All eyes were glued to what he was going to do next.

In trademark theatrical style, he slid an ultra-slim laptop out from the envelope and proclaimed with a smile that The Macbook Air is the thinnest notebook computer around. This is a wedge-shaped, lean, 0.16 inches thin at the front and 0.76 inches thick at the rear. To make such a thin laptop, Intel, the World-Leading Chip maker shrank one of its fast dual-core processors by 60 per cent at Apples urge to fit the power of MacBook Air.

Macintosh computers sales have surged due to the "HALO EFFECTS" from the company's trendy iPod and iPhone models. For those that want to feel how thin the MacBook Air is, here is the video:

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