Sunday, January 27, 2008

Health Talks - Should We be Getting More Sunlight?

Based on the journal Circulation that was published last week, a five-year study has concluded that Vitamin D may offer protection against serious illness, including strokes ands heart failures, as well as play a vital role in supporting bone strength.

Most of us gets our fairshare of Vitamin D from exposure to the sun, but it seems most of us are not getting enough. Based on reports, only about 10 per cent of us are getting ideal levels of it, thou outright deficiency are rare. So the question is how much Sun do we really need? since we know that Sunlight is Good for you, as well as Bad for you! And how are we supposed to get it?

By Predi
Good news that optimizing your Vitamin D production does not necessary must come from baking in the sun, even when you are out of Vitamin D. Short exposures are enough for most people, with some researchers suggesting that a fair-skinned adult wearing a T-SHIRT and trousers needs only 5-10 mins i the midday sun to top their levels in Vitamin D.

Sun-worshippers will be disappointed thou to learn that more is not good. Once Vitamin D has been produced, the rest is converted into inactive substances. The only thing you'll be doing by staying in the UV Rays is increasing your chance of developing skin cancer.

Suncreen worn by most under the sun, will still allows people to get their required dose. One of the study shows that although sunscreen reduced Vitamin D production, it wasn't enough to cause a deficiency.

And if you are concerned about skin cancer or darker skin or spend most of your time in-doors, all you have to do is take the easy option of throwing back a vitamin supplement in the morning.

By Bitzi

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