Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Teck Whye Sec gets S$800K Synthetic Turf

Teck Whye Secondary School will be among the first of 80 schools to get a synthetic field, paid by the MOE. I am very excited about this because Teck Whye Sec is my ex-school where i came from.

The synthetic field, which costs about S$800,000 is expected to be completed within next 2 weeks. With the new field, there will be a two-fold increase in the usage of the field and the field is more able to take more intensive usage, and needs less maintenance than a grass field. The synthetic field will also allow schools greater flexibility to schedule their Physical Education lessons, field sports and games.

For this few years, the school's niche is in Hockey and thus the new field will make it easier for students to practice the sport in the school. Additionall, logistics of transporting students to previous training ground can be lessen. The pitch can also be used for hosting Hockey Tournaments as these competitions are played only on synthetic fields.

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