Monday, January 21, 2008

Ultimate Search Engine to be developed in Singapore


Just read from the newspaper article that the Singapore's A*Star Agency - for Science, Technology and Research, that Singapore is aiming to develop a search engine so sophisticated that it can recognize objects in pictures and video as well as words in audio! Wow, How about this news!

After A*Star success in attracting some of the world's best talents from the biomedical field, she is now seeking to tap the top brians from the technology industry. Here will come a global competition to attract the likes of top software engineers, leading researchers and search engine enthusiasts.

A*Star reckons that a new and more powerful search engine to outdo all other search engines would benefit millions of Internet users around the world. It would also be a great boost to Singapore's attempts to become a digital media hub. Current search engines can only find pictures, videos or audio files based on file names, tags and ther contextual text that appears on the same web page as the media file.

Reward to anyone that come up with such capability will be US$100,000 and it is known as The Star Challenge. We shall see if A*Star can emulate and compete with the dominating likes of Google and Yahoo.

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