Monday, January 21, 2008

Facebook Scrabulous in Legal Tangle

Halo friends of this blog,

If you are an avid user of Facebook and has been playing their online game: Scrabulous - has been asked to be removed from Facebook applications. Scrabulous is an addictive and popular game on this social networking portal, but Hasbro, the maker of the reknown Scrabble, on which the game is based, is claiming a breach of copyright and is ordering the site to remove the application.

Understand from reports that fans of Scrabulous want to fight for the existence of Scrabulous. Online petitions to save the online game have emerged with hundreds of replies received. The game by the way, was developed by 2 Indian brothers from Calcutta.

Many have argued that Scrabulous is basically a free advertising for Scrabble and thys Hasbro, and should not be gotten rid of. Many felt a shortsightedness of Hasbro in terms of this free marketing tool, that Hasbro should have leverage on this reach by partnering with Scrabulous of Facebook. What do you think?

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