Thursday, January 24, 2008

UK Government Laptops Being Desk-Bound

Britain is getting more comical this days. British civil servants have been banned from removing their laptops containing sensitive information from their offices, after a computer was stolen that contained the personal details of 600,000 people.

The lost laptop containing details of potential recruits for their Ministry of Defence, was stolen earlier this month of January in Birmingham City at central England. This was confirmed by the ministry last week and reported by all major newspapers globally.
Pix By Johny Vulkan
It is the latest in a series of data blunders in Britain by government bodies. Two months ago, personal details of 25 million people which is nearly half the country's population, was lost in the post. That episode triggered a series of parliament discussions and debates whereby opposition parties are calling the head of the new Prime Minister Mr Brown.

The Cabinet Secretary Sir Gus O'Donnell (British Top Civil Servant) has written an internal email to all permanent secretaries that from now onwards, no unencrypted laptops or drives containing perosonal data should be taken outside secured office premises. He has also asked for assurance that this is communicated throughout their organizations and delivery bodies and implemented immediately, and that steps are taken to monitor compliance.

This top-down action should be been announced long time ago since the lost of the 600,000 details of British people. Just how you will feel if this details actually falls into the hands of the Terrorists.

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